We have the pleasure to inform you that the contract notice for the procurement of the Testing and evaluation infrastructure for EuroQCI (reference CNECT/2023/OP/0032 ) has been published on Official Journal this morning.  You can access the documents via the link to e-tendering.

The deadline for submission of proposal is 29th of August 2023.

Please note that any question must be directed to eTendering as all communication must go via the platform in order to ensure equal treatment of economic operators.  


Any request for additional information must be made in writing only through TED eTendering in the “Questions & answers” tab, by clicking “Create a question” (registration on TED eTendering is required to be able to create and submit a question).”

This procurement covers the prioritisation and the development of test methods and protocols that will allow for the replicable and comparable assessment (i.e., evaluation) of QKD devices and systems’ capabilities and performance. These must cover both security and non-security aspects. The security aspects comprise the establishment of a ‘product security baseline for EuroQCI components’ (this work will have to be carried out in cooperation with relevant national security Authorities, organised by the Commission services) and the development and building of a testing infrastructure necessary and commensurate to evaluate, in accordance with common criteria, security products implementing quantum cryptography. The non-security aspects are expected to cover functional and non-functional properties, including safety.

For more information see TED