Board of Experts

Vicente Martin

Universidad Politénica 

Vicente Martin is a Full Professor of Computational Sciences at the Technical University of Madrid. He leads the Research Group on Quantum Information and coordinates the Madrid Quantum Communications Infrastructure. He has expertise in quantum networking and has contributed to standards in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) through organizations like ETSI and CEN. His research focuses on integrating Quantum Communications into telecommunications networks and security infrastructures.

Romain Alléaume

Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Romain Alléaume is a quantum cryptography expert who received his PhD from Sorbonne University in 2004. He co-founded SeQureNet, a start-up that developed and launched CV-QKD system. Dr. Alléaume conducts research on quantum and classical cryptography, quantum communications, and photonic quantum information processing. He leads the new research team QURIOSITY, a joint effort between Inria and Institut Polytechnique de Paris, created in January 2023.

Marcos Curty

University of Vigo

Marcos Curty is Professor at the department of Signal Theory and Communications at University of Vigo. His research interest lies in quantum communication, particularly quantum cryptography, with about 100 scientific publications in this field. He is coordinator of the MSCA doctoral network Quantum-Safe Internet.

Eleni Diamanti

French Scientific Centre for Scientific Research

Eleni Diamanti is a CNRS research director at Sorbonne University in Paris, leading experimental quantum communication and coordinating the Paris Centre for Quantum Technologies. She’s involved in various quantum communication projects such as CiViQ, OpenQKD, EuroQCI, QSNP, and QIA. She received an ERC grant and co-founded the quantum interconnects start-up Welinq.

Diego R. Lopez


Diego R. Lopez is a Senior Technology Expert at Telefonica I+D since 2011 and currently leading Technology Exploration within the GCTIO Unit. Previously, he worked in academia and served as a member of the High-Level Expert Group on Scientific Data Infrastructures by the European Commission. Diego focuses on applied research in network infrastructures, including data-driven management, new architectures, security, and quantum communications. He chairs the ETSI ISGs ZSM, the NOC of ETSI ISG NFV, and is an ETSI Fellow.

Valerio Pruneri


Valerio Pruneri is an ICREA Professor, Corning Inc. chair and Group leader at ICFO. He is inventor in more than 60 patent families and has given more than 100 invited talks. His group has developed quantum technologies now commercialised by Quside and Luxquanta. He is the coordinator of Quantum Flagship project QSNP and was of CIVIQ.

Jesse Robbers

Quantum Delta Netherlands

Jesse Robbers is the leader of Quantum Delta NL’s National and International Quantum technology developments, promoting the Netherlands’ role in quantum technology. He also leads the National Quantum Network activities and represents the Netherlands at the international level. Previously, he co-founded the Dutch GAIA-X Hub and held various leadership roles in Dutch telecom operator KPN and at Ericsson Broadcast & Media Services. He has held board positions in organizations such as DINL, the Dutch Media Hub and the National Agenda Quantum Technology.