Industrial QKD projects

At MDI QUantum Equipment for European Networks (MDI-QUEEN) we​ will develop and industrialize next-generation QKD devices and crucial elements for future quantum networks that will enable a transition to a quantum-safe and secure communication infrastructure.​ Furthermore, we will strengthen the European ecosystem by building a resilient value chain for the upcoming quantum communication market.

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At European QUantum ecOsystems (EQUO), we will design, develop, and test QKD systems with high TRL level using cutting-edge European technology ready for integration into telecommunication networks. EQUO will demonstrate the QKD solution in use cases, ensuring interoperability between quantum and traditional cybersecurity systems. We will also identify current and future use-cases and investigate socio-economic trends in quantum communications. EQUO will disseminate results through scientific publications, contributions to standardization bodies, and industrialization plans.​
eCAUSIS (European, Certifiable, Affordable, User-oriented, Secure, Integration-able, Scalable quantum key distribution solutions) will design, develop and industrialize key components for quantum key distribution (QKD) systems​. The main focus of the project will be an interoperable DV-QKD module and key management system (KMS)​. To elaborate on this, we want to reach an easy to implement and use, certifiable and scalable QKD systems​, establish a resilient European supply chain for DV-QKD technology​ and reach a cost-efficient and repeatable serial manufacturing on an industrial level​

Quantum Key Industrial SystemS​ (QKISS) develops QKD systems for industrial encryption using CVQKD. They prioritize security and reliability with early and continuous analysis of potential vulnerabilities. Field demos precede industrialization, where QKISS optimizes systems to meet clients’ needs. Their complete QKD systems offer clients highly secure data protection, making them a key player in quantum information technology.

QUAntum CRyptography Technology for EuRope (QUARTER) will increase the maturity level of quantum cryptography technology, including QKD systems, photonic-integrated components, and classical security solutions to allow for industrialization, network integration, and will assist with the deployment into the EuroQCI. Furthermore, QUARTER pushes the readiness level of quantum communication technology for its large-scale deployment in secure environments and networks.​

Secure and Industrialized Quantum Key Distribution for European Telecom Networks (SEQRET), led by KEEQuant and including Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, SMART Photonics, Dacoso, EXATEL, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, and CESNET, advances European telecommunication with an industrialized, certifiable TRL8 QKD and an integrated photonics based TRL7 QKD system, setting a benchmark in quantum security standards and cybersecure system integration.