We enable future security -
we enable the security of the future.

Petrus coordinates the deployment of EuroQCI, a secure quantum communication infrastructure spanning the whole EU, including its overseas territories.

Industrial projects

eCausis will develop and industrialize an interoperable DV-QKD system and a KMS.

MDI QUEEN develops QKD devices and build a value chain for quantum commmunication.

EQUO builds QKD devices and test and evaluate different use-cases with a focus on interoperatbility with classical cryptography.

QKISS develops QKD systems for industrial encryption using CV-QKD.

QUARTER will increase the maturity of quantum cryptography technology and classical cryptography to allow for industrialization and the deployment into the EuroQCI.

SEQRET will produce the world’s first certifiable quantum key distribution system based on continuous variables as well as a next-generation, scalable prototype based on integrated photonics.


The first operational system in the world providing Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for the  protection of government data & communications, telecommunications networks, data centres, critical infrastructure (energy, finance, etc.)


is the Coordination & Support Action for the national Quantum Communication Infrastructures to be rolled out in the EU Member States over the coming years and supports the Digital Europe Program projects that will form the basis for a European industrial ecosystem for secure quantum technologies. PETRUS brings together former consortium leaders of the most relevant studies and projects on EuroQCI, bundles their experience and expertise and includes top experts from industry and the academic quantum community.

Petrus Consortium